ICOT_156_JM44472aPouya’s compositional skills were primarily influenced by his years at the University of Toronto. During his undergraduate degree in Composition, he studied with several composers who each offered a unique perspective: Christos Hatzis, Ka Nin Chan, and Alexander Rapoport. Pouya writes for varied instrumentations, such as 13-piece contemporary ensemble, woodwind quintet, string quartet, and electo-acoustics. Aside from traditional tonal theory, he has a solid knowledge of contemporary music theory, such as extended techniques on instruments, impressionism, and 12-tone language. Pouya was awarded several scholarships, such as the Greta Kraus Scholarship, during his undergraduate studies, and he has received first place winnings for composition in the Canadian Music Competition, Kiwanis Music Festival (for five subsequent years), and the Markham Music Festival.

Pouya’s passion for composition has led him to extracurricular composition pursuits as well. In his current roles, he composes for and performs with Ladom Ensemble, Sacred Balance, and Iranian Composers of Toronto (ICOT). Composing for film has been an additional outlet. Pouya also teaches music theory privately.


List of Works

Sense of PlaceTwo B-flat Clarinets6:00 min2017
Recall the Eden (in collaboration with ICOT)Voice, tombak, tar, and orchestra15:00 min2016
Three Reflections on EmpathyAccordion and String Quartet10:00 min2015
3 Short Songs for RPSM SongBookPiano and voice7:00 min2015
The Treaty of FriendshipWoodwind quintet and narration04:30 min.2015
Secret of Solstice: Three InteractionsOrchestra with soprano and accordion08:00 min.2014
YouDance School Composition
Piano, tar, tombak, and daf03:00 min.2014
Sparks (click for detailed explanation and video)Laptop Orchestra and handmade sound active LED light tubes using network MAX/MSP networking25:00 min.2014
GiftAccordion, piano, cello, and hand percussion6:00 min.2014
Five Tableaux from Khosrow and Shirin
Ballet with Symphony Orchestra02:30 min.2014
Operatic Narration of Arash the Archer - Man Marg Ra AriaSoprano and orchestra10:00 min.2013
WaterTenor and string quartet7:00 min.2012
Journey Inwards6 hands, one piano12:30 min.2011
Our NightViolin and tape03:18 min.2009
GorizAccordion, piano, cello, and percussion06:00 min.2009
ExpansionPDF!13-piece ensemble10:00 min.2009
Distant EarthPDF!PDF!String quartet08:00 min.2008
NoorAccordion, piano, cello, and percussion06:00 min.2008
The Battle WithinPDF!PDF!Piano05:00 min.2007
AdagioPDF!Piano trio04:00 min.2006
RahaAccordion, piano, cello, and percussion05:50 min.2006
NafasWoodwind quintet05:00 min.2006
The PaintingPiano trio07:00 min.2005
Sonanta in g-sharp minorPiano07:30 min.2004
Sleeper in the ValleyPDF!Baritone and piano03:15 min.2004
Softly into the NightPDF!Tenor saxophone, double bass, and piano04:30 min.2004
Bagatelle No. 4PDF!Piano03:00 min.2003
Fantasy for Violin and Piano in D minorViolin and piano04:30 min.2003
Etude in A MajorPiano03:30 min.2003
When the Wind BlowsViola and piano06:30 min2003
G Major VariationsPiano04:00 min2000
Ballade No. 1Piano06:30 min.2000
PDF!MP3 samples PDF! PDF scores

List of Performances

Notes of HopeNotes of HopeAgricola Lutheran ChurchToronto02/11/2018-03/11/2018
The Walls are Full of SongsLadom EnsembleMassey CollegeToronto24/05/2018
Rumi's FablesRumi's FablesAga Khan MuseumToronto29/09/2018
Three Reflections on EmpathyCMC Presents: Michael BridgeCanadian Music CentreToronto24/01/2018
Journey InwardCasalmaggiore International FestivalCasalmaggiore International FestivalItaly07/12/2017
Recall the EdenConcert for PeaceGeorge Weston Recital HallToronto06/18/2017
Sense of PlaceNew Sounds from an Ancient LandGallery 345Toronto04/24/2017
Recall the EdenConcert for Peace Dominion-Chalmers United ChurchOttawa01/27/2017
Noor, Raha, Goriz, and GiftOttawa International Chamber FestivalLa Nouvelle ScèneOttawa07/24/2016
Noor, Raha, Goriz, and GiftLand of Four SeasonsToronto Centre for the ArtsToronto05/24/2016
3 Short Songs commissioned by RPSM SchoolSoundstreams presents THE REGENT PARK SONGBOOKTHE GARDINER MUSEUMToronto05/13/2016
AdagioThe Thirtieth Act Toronto Centre for the ArtsToronto02/19/2016
Noor, Raha, Goriz, and GiftLadom Ensemble LiveSmall World Music CentreToronto11/21/2015
A Treaty of FriendshipWhat’s in a FableLillian H. Smith LibraryToronto11/17/2015
Three Reflections on EmpathyVirtuosity UnboundRegent TheatreOshawa, Ontario10/17/2015
Noor, Raha, Goriz, and GiftLadom Ensemble on TourResonance CafeMontreal, QC07/29/2015
Noor, Raha, Goriz, and GiftLadom Ensemble on TourRichard PhilibertTrois-Rivières, QC07/28/2015
3 Short Songs commissioned by RPSM School. Song Interpretation RecitalCanadian Music CentreToronto07/24/2015
Pouya's Telescope ProjectElectronic Series at HandlebarHandlebarToronto07/17/2015
Journey InwardCMC on the 13thCanadian Music CentreToronto06/15/2015
Noor, Raha, Goriz, and GiftLadom EnsembleArray SpaceToronto04/04/2015
Tar, Piano, Daf, and TombakYouDance School PerformancesBetty Oliphant TheatreToronto01/20/2015-02/24/2015
The Treaty of FriendshipRussian FablesCanadian Music CentreToronto01/25/2015
Three InteractionsSecret of SolsticeSt. George Anglican ChurchToronto12/05/2014
Five Tableaux from Khosrow and ShirinKhosrow and Shirin BalletP.C. Ho TheatreTorontoToronto5/24/2014
GiftLadom Ensemble Live at CMCCanadian Music CentreToronto9/18/2014
RahaLadom Ensemble Live at CMCCanadian Music CentreToronto9/18/2014
NoorLadom Ensemble Live at CMCCanadian Music CentreToronto9/18/2014
Journey InwardA Canadian MosaicChrist Church CathedralHamilton5/15/2014
SparksCLOrk into DarknessPhi CentreMontreal3/20/2014
SparksCLOrk into DarknessJohn Molson BuildingMontreal3/6/2014
GiftLadom Ensemble CD ReleaseHugh’s RoomToronto2/16/2014
RahaLadom Ensemble CD ReleaseHugh’s RoomToronto2/16/2014
NoorLadom Ensemble CD ReleaseHugh’s RoomToronto2/16/2014
Man Marg Ra AriaOperatic Narration of Arash the ArcherWestjet Stage, Harbourfront StageToronto7/18/2013
WaterNew Poetry, New MusicSt. George Anglican ChurchToronto9/18/2012
Journey InwardPersian Piano NightPerez HallOttawa2/4/2012
Journey InwardPersian Piano NightL'eglise Saint- Jean- BaptisteMontreal10/29/2011
Journey InwardPersian Piano NightConrad Grebel University College ChapelWaterloo10/15/2011
Journey InwardPersian Piano NightThe Toronto Heliconian ClubToronto8/7/2011

Ladom Ensemble


Ladom Ensemble combines piano, cello, accordion, and percussion in a unique blend of acoustic chamber and world music that is passionate, sophisticated, and wild. Their all-original repertoire incorporates inspirations from Argentinean tango, Serbian folk and dance traditions, Persian classical repertoire, as well as music from the Classical (Bach, Prokofiev), and progressive rock worlds (Radiohead).  Ladom doesn’t pretend to represent any one tradition, but rather expresses an authentically Canadian fusion. Ladom’s musical identity is combined from many sources and reflects a beautiful new world with a Western classical toolset. “Elegant and contemplative… rocking and fiery!” - Errol Nazareth, CBC




Moj is a duo music project by the Toronto composer and producer Pouya Hamidi and percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Adam Campbell. It is an exploration of Hamidi’s unique acoustic and electronic toolkit. The project moves through his knowledge and experience in film scoring, orchestral and operatic composition, sound recording, classical piano, traditional Persian music, “world” music, and electronic music. Synchronized lights accompany the duo’s live performance and make the experience visually and sonically integrated. Campbell recently joined the project, bringing his powerhouse acoustic kit drumming to the sounds. The music of Moj reflects the contemporary clash of organic with industrial.

Visit Moj's Website

Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto


Currently an active composer in the Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto group. To find out more about this group of composers please visit:

Vist ICOT's website for more info

Film Scoring

Pouya has had the privilege to work on many award-winning film productions including animations, short films, documentaries, feature films, promotional videos and dance videos. With his versatile musical language, he writes in a variety of genres and instrumentations. He has composed for traditional Persian instruments (“Naked till Night”), written orchestral music (“So Soon Forgotten”), and combined these approaches with electronic sounds (“Voorje”). These films have been part of many international film festivals, with screenings in Boston, Torino, and Lodz, among others. These projects included both recording and mixing, as well as the synchronization of audio to video, and working with digital audio workstations.

Pouya’s film composition skills are influenced by his studies at the University of Toronto, where he completed Bachelor’s degrees in both Composition and Piano Performance. Eric Robertson was his professor in film composition. Pouya’s current studies in Sound Recording at McGill University are expanding his palette of technical and sound engineering skills related to film scoring. Pouya believes that the possibilities of the relationship between music and images are immense; music emphasizes underlying emotions and messages, and manifests abstract themes, which makes it a perfect companion for film.

Please contact Pouya  for more audio samples.

Un Mariage Arrangé
Directed by Ariane Lorrain
2013 - Short Film


Haiti: Children of Heaven
Directed by Sahand Amiri
2012 - Feature Documentary
Featuring singing by Haitian singer Athésia
Watch the entire film on

Haiti Children of Heaven

Tin City Voices
Directed by Elijah Marchand
2011 - Feature Documentary

Ça commence avec toi. Ça reste avec lui.
Chopshop Media
2011 - Promotional Video

Production Montreal
2010 - Commercial

Until The Light Takes Us...
Film by Andrea Malus
2009 - Animation

Film by Amber Dimock
2009 - Experimental

Volte Face
Film by Clement Ho
2009 - Animation

Film by Laura Zheng
2009 - Animation

Don’t Feed the Birds
Film by Laura Friesen
2009 - Animation

Voorje (watch online)
Directed by Sahand Amirikhaledi
2009 - Documentary

So Soon Forgotten
Directed by Zack Bernbaum
2009 - Fiction

Naked Till Night
Directed by Shahin
2008 - Feature Film

Corpus Delicti
Directed by Christina Giannelia
2008 - Dance Video watch!

2008 - Promotional Video

One Last Attempt
Directed by Sophie Richer
2008 - Fiction

Directed by Zack Bernbaum
2007 - Fiction

The Gift of the Magi
Directed by Cat Youell
2007 - Fiction

Robin Hood: The New Zen Warrior
Directed by Duke Panache
2006 - Feature Film

Henry's Final Appreciation of Life
Directed by Fawaz Al-Matrouk
2005 - Fiction

The Re-Creation
Directed by Jonathan Duder
2006 - Fiction

Her Music Led
Directed by Fawaz Al-Matrouk
2006 - Fiction

Sacred Balance


Pouya was the founder, composer, and pianist for the band Sacred Balance. Based mainly in Toronto, this 6-member band was a vortex of young musicianship that is hard to take your attention away from. The music was electronic rock, intelligent and intense, like Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Muse. Through collaborations with other band members, Sacred Balance’s songs achieve reflections on urbanity, ambition, death, and self-exploration.  Evocative images of crystals, costumes, check marks, and cityscapes emerge, all animated by six band mates.

Sacred Balance formed in 2008 through the network of music performance studies at the University of Toronto. The members included Mack Longpre (drums), Sam McLellan (bass, vocals), Kelly Lefaive (violin, vocals), Neil Whitford (electric guitar, vocals), Pouya Hamidi (piano), and Chloe Charles (lead vocals). Pouya’s composition infiltrates the powers of these collaborating musicians and he brews a transformative concoction.  His fingers added a touch of delicacy, classicism, and virtuosity to the massive electronic orchestration emerging from his original vision.

Visit Sacred Balance Former Facebook Page