02 Aug

6 hands Piano Piece premiering this Sunday at Persian Piano Night *Sold Out*

Saman Shahi, Pouya Hamidi, Keyan Emami performing Pouya's 6 hands composition called Journey Inward. Photo by Safoura.

Dear Everyone,
In the recent summer months I have been very busy working on a number of projects:

***Update: Persian Piano Night is Sold Out. There will be no tickets at the door***

Six hands, one piano composition is being performed with my dear friends this Sunday (please see the bottom of the page for the info). I’m very honored and excited to have this performed. I worked on it intensely over the past month. Here is the description of the piece entitled, Journey Inward:

“Journey Inward is a work composed by Pouya Hamidi this summer in Montreal. Persian traditional music – such as the Dastan Ensemble – was a particular influence. The rhythmic and repetitive passages, as well as the improvisatory section reminiscent of this Persian inspiration, have been morphed into the western idiom and sometimes contain unexpected dissonances and complexities. The real challenge of this piece is the use of 30 fingers, a situation that demands that three pianists collaborate to logistically achieve the many virtuosic running passages spanning the keyboard. It is also especially intimate since it reflects the many levels of an exploration of the emotional self. Experiences of abrupt stages, order in the form of miniature melodies, and frenzy are depicted within a natural cyclical structure, the end echoing the beginning.”

I’m also performing works by Saman Shahi (9 Miniatures Based on the Radif) and Aminoullah Andre Hossein (Persian Legends Op.31, No.1). If you like piano and Persian music, you will most likely enjoy this concert. Compositions by other Persian composers, Afarin Mansouri-Tehrani, Keyan Emami, and Ardeshir Rohani will be also performed. Our special guest is pianist and composer Maziar Heidari. For more information please visit the facebook event page:


Video of our interview with the TV program Darichehayeh Ruberou:

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Happy August!