01 Oct

Persian Piano Night annouced for other Canadian Cities

Persian Piano Night in Toronto was a success. Sold out show. It was a pleasure to work on with fellow Persian composers. Organizing the show involved many different Skype meetings and long term planning.

I am happy to announce that this group of Iranian composers are forming a group called Iranian Composers of Toronto (ICOT). You can check out our official website here:


We are bringing Persian Piano Night to Waterloo (October 15th) and Montreal (October 29th). If you are around in these cities, try to make it. More information can be found at our event page:


After Persian Piano Night, ICOT is planning to put on more shows as a group. We will let you know of more details once they get confirmed. In other news, my band Sacred Balance is taking pre-orders for our EP which is going to be released in January 2012. You can pre-order it here:


That’s all for September 2011. More updates next month.

Happy October!