06 Nov

Recording highlights of November and Persian Piano Night’s nearly sold out show in Montreal

It’s been a busy time. Where to begin? I am not home much. Recording or rehearsing or in class. Let’s start from the recordings. If I didn’t truly enjoy this, I would’ve burnt out long ago. We all know that music can be spiritual. Mystical and somehow unexplainable. I feel like I am creating exciting art. When you walk into a session you have some expectations, but you’ll be surprised when it turns into reality. It feels like when a composer hears the music in his head and then finally hears everything with real musicians. It’s magical. I’m also truly privileged to work with fellow students who are there for the love of recording and are so committed to getting the best result at every session.

Here is a summary of the highlights of people I have recorded in the past while:

  1. Mark Bérubé & The Patriotic Few: “Mark pens sweet, introspective chamber folk songs, embellished with the delicate orchestration of his band, The Patriotic Few.”
  2. Maneli Jamal: modern finger style guitarist that does things on the guitar that will keep you in amazement. Full of emotion.
  3. The DoneFors: on their CD release tour across Canada, I have known this band for a while now. Listening to their music best describes them.
  4. Stacy Brown: a composer who wrote a composition for a small orchestra and two voices.
  5. TorQ Percussion Quartet: a Toronto-based ensemble dedicated to performing, commissioning and teaching percussion music that were on tour across Quebec.
  6. Revolvers: good old friends that play psychedelic, rock, surfer, sweet distortion music.

Stacey Brown's session

Liam Smith from The DoneFors

Experimenting on Maneli Jamal

Persian Piano Night's encore in Montreal

In the middle of all this, Persian Piano Night happened in Montreal. The venue was packed, again! I would like to thank everyone who was involved in helping us put on this concert. There was something extra special this time. I performed my best yet and the energy in the air was really extraordinary. Maybe this was because we’d played part of our program intensively the night before for a recording at McGill. The recording was done with video as well. So watch out for a potential CD/DVD of the Persian Piano Night!

So lots happening. I am so happy to be alive.

Happy November!