Hidden Path – A Producer’s Tool

REC Light – Talkback – Tap Tempo – Date/Time

The intention behind Hidden Path is to assist the producers or engineers with the tools needed to have clear communication with the musicians and with the other audio production team members. It also turns a computer into a Talkback unit that can be controlled with a MIDI device or computer keyboard.

Does not need to have Max installed on your computer. It is a standalone application that runs on only OSX.

hiddenpath_01This program consists of four sections:

  1. Record Status Indicator
  2. Tap Tempo
  3. Date and time
  4. Talk back

1. Record Status: This part is intended to automatically send a signal to the producers and/or musicians that the engineer is rolling and therefore keep everyone focused on the music instead of the extra energy going to the announcement of recording for each take. It is based on the HUI MIDI protocol that needs to be set in the DAW. In OSX, you can create an interconnecting MIDI bus (IAC Driver), in the MIDI/Audio setup and then link the two programs together in this way. This will then engage the REC status sign in this program where it can be dragged in different LCD monitors in the studio so everyone can see it. Through an easy DIY LED audio light box, this patch has the functionality to send a sine tone (default 10kHz) to turn on this light in the recording room so the musicians can see when recording is taking place.

The other exciting possibility is the use of various wired and wireless network MIDI solutions to connect to a secondary computer.

2. Tap Tempo: The tap tempo is a feature that is useful is knowing if a “Take” is being recorded in the same tempo or not. Or making decisions about what tempo to work on.

3. Date and time: To keep track of reality.

4. Talkback: This is a feature that turns the computer into a Talkback unit. It can be controlled from a number of ways.

  1. computer keyboard
  2. MIDI device
  3. clicking on the enlarged Talkback button
  4. iPad touchscreen support (with Mira) by touching the enlarged Talkback button – (coming in the future)

This program has not been extensively tested on various OS and DAWs. It has been tested on OSX 10.12.6 and Pro Tools 12.8.

Hope this program becomes a little helpful. 🙂

Drop me a line for feedback/new features anytime.


Download Hidden Path – version 1.6 beta – OSX – 133 MB (.zip)

Copyright 2017, Pouya Hamidi.

Feel free to get me a coffee to fuel this further.