Momentary Switch Option for Totalmix’s Talkback

momentary_v01_screenshotThe intention behind creating this program is to be able to use the talkback option in momentary fashion. Totalmix already supports MIDI input. However it is missing a momentary option when used with external MIDI controller. This software can also change the specified MIDI note (94) that Totalmix understands for Talkback to anything else.

Does not need to have Max installed on your computer. It is a standalone application that runs on only OSX.

An idea is to use this in conjunction with TouchOSC. I’ve created a template that can be downloaded here that works well with this option. You need to download the TouchOSC MIDI bridge in order to make it work. touchosc

This program has not been extensively tested on various OS and DAWs. It has been tested on OSX 10.10.5.

Hope this program becomes a little helpful. 🙂

Drop me a line for feedback/new features anytime.


Download Momentary Option Modifier – version 1.0 – OSX – 132.5 MB (.zip)

Copyright 2016, Pouya Hamidi.

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