Journey Inwards

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Composition Date: 2011
Duration: 00:13:00

Programme Note:
Journey Inward has many sources of inspiration. The rhythmic and repetitive passages, as well as the improvisatory section reminiscent of Persian traditional music, have been morphed into the western idiom and sometimes contain unexpected dissonances and complexities. The real challenge of this piece is the use of 30 fingers, a situation that demands that three pianists collaborate to logistically achieve the many virtuosic running passages spanning the keyboard. Experiences of abrupt stages, order in the form of miniature melodies, and frenzy are depicted within a natural cyclical structure, the end echoing the beginning.

Premiere Information:
8 Aug 2011, Heliconian Club, Toronto, Ontario
Persian Piano Night: Pouya Hamidi, Keyan Emami, Saman Shahi