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Member of The Audio Engineering Society

Pouya is a Juno-nominated sound engineer and producer based in Toronto. He is a graduate of the Master’s program in Sound Recording at McGill University and has been recognized with multiple awards (see below). Recent projects include engineering the 2015 album by the Juno-winning classical ensemble Gryphon Trio, and Afiara String Quartet’s innovative double CD album with DJ Skratch Bastid called Spin Cycle, released on Naxos label. He has been invited to The Banff Centre regularly as guest faculty, since completing a work-study there in 2013. He is also an engineer at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto where he frequently records in Koerner Hall. He has worked with major orchestras in Canada including the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, and the Royal Conservatory Orchestra. He was the recording engineer of the prestigious International Honens Piano Competition.

In some examples of his non-classical work, Pouya has assisted engineer Damian Taylor (Bjork, The Killers, Arcade Fire, Prodigy) in Montreal and recorded the Juno-nominated gypsy punk group, Lemon Bucket Orchestra. He has also worked as a Music Design Specialist at the gaming company Ubisoft. He won the Traditional Studio Recording Prize in San Francisco for a recording, at the International Audio Engineering Society’s convention. In Montreal, Pouya started a video series called Audiolens, which brought musicians into the recording studio and created HD performance videos with high quality studio sound.

Pouya has experience with streaming audio and video, and he was the Technical Director of the webcasting team at McGill University. Since then he has streamed content for the Canadian Music Centre, Honens’ Piano Competition, and the Royal Conservatory of Music. He has also worked at The Banff Centre broadcasting live video events. He provided audio for video projects produced by Soundstreams and Riddle Films in Toronto. He is always excited by the latest media technologies and has worked on designing and building custom audio pedals and software.


Selected Artworks:

Selected Recordings:

Does not include demo recordings. Also does not include live and album recordings done at Royal Conservatory of Music, CBC's Glenn Gould Studio, Soundstreams, and Canadian Music Centre. Too many to list. 

2018Michael BridgeOvertureRecording, mixing, and mastering
2018The TailbreakersDreamin' BlueRecording, editing, mixing
2018Sofia MycykWater ColorsRecording, editing, mixing, and mastering
2018Maneli JamalAmbient SketchbookMixing and mastering
2017Sina Bathaie Ray of HopeRecording, editing, mixing, masteringWindcatcher records
2017Ton Beau String QuartetThe Silent Voices ProjectRecording, editing, and mixing
2017Maziar HeidariSonatinaRecording, editing, and mixingPardis Records
2017Michael Bridge, Guillaume Tardif, Kornel WolakTales from the Dinaridesmixing and masteringWIRTH Institute
2017Jonathan Crow Violin excerpts lessons Recording
2017Maziar HeidariTrio recording: tar, tombak, and pianoRecording, editing, and mixing
2017Toronto Symphony OrchestraNational Anthem of Canada Children ChoirRecording, editing, and mixing
2016Pilar Koerner Hall Live RecordingRecording, editing, and mixing
2016Chloe CharlesWith Blindfolds OnRecording acoustic tracksMake My Day
2016Amin HonarmandClarinet SonataRecording
2016Sina BathaieInto the Sky - SingleRecording, editing, and mixing
2016Jesse DietschiCatalyst EnsembleRecording, editing, mixing, and mastering
2016Samira BazgirForgotten DreamRecording
2016The Mozart EffectThe Mozart EffectAssistance and editingLinus Entertainment
2016Nelya SafaeiIranian Women Compilation RecordingKIRKELIG KULTURVERKSTED
2016Spectrum MusicLa Suite Du Petit Prince Live RecordingRecording, editing, and mixing
2016Chloe CharlesWith Blindfolds OnSound engineerForeseen Entertainment
2016Janice Munn TsuiShortsSound engineer, editing, and mixing
2016VC2Selected ArrangmentsSound engineer, editing, mixing, and mastering
2016Maneli JamalThe Mardom MovementSound engineer, editing, and mixing
2016Eybler QuartetBeethoven QuartetsAssistant
2016Eddie and Quincy BullenDulling Pianos - Renaissance ExpeditionSound Engineer/Mixing and Mastering
2016Luca BurattoLuca Buratto: Live at Honens 2015 (2 CD)Sound EngineerNaxos Records
2015AroarAGive You a GameMixingClub Roll Records
2015Toronto Symphony Orchestra Chamber SoloistLive Video Performance Mixing
2015Afiara String Quartet and DJ Skratch BastidSpin CycleSound engineer, editing, mixing, and masteringCentrediscs/Naxos Records
2015Lemon Bucket OrkestraCounting SheepSound engineer
2015Gryphon TrioElements EternalSound engineer, editing, mixing, and masteringNaxos Records
2015Kiya Tabassian and Charbel RouhanaKiya Tabassian and Charbel RouhanaSound engineer
2015Iranian-Canadian Composers of TorontoSecret of Solstice live recordingSound engineer, editing, mixing, and mastering
2015Duo KalystaDuo KalystaSound engineer, editing, mixing, and mastering
2014Chris Paul HarmanChris Paul Harman: After JSB-RS - Works for Keyboards and PercussionSound engineer, editing, mixingNaxos Records
2014DoldrumsThe Air Conditioned NightmareEditingSub Pop
2014Duo NovusDuo NovusSound engineer, editing, mixing, and mastering
2014Owen McCausland"Ah non son capace"Sound engineer, editing, mixing, and mastering
2014Del o Jan ChoirLive Concert RecordingSound engineer, mixing, and mastering
2014Various ArtistsRebanks Fellowship Royal Conservatory of Music Showcase AlbumSound engineer, mixing, and mastering
2014Pouya's TelescopePouya's TelescopeSound engineer, mixing, and mastering
2014Ladom EnsembleLadom EnsembleMixing and mastering
2013The DoneforsLush Life Below the Poverty LineRecording and mixing on certain tracks
2013National Youth Orchestra of CanadaRussian MastersAssistant engineer
2012ICOTPersian Piano NightMastering
2012Maneli JamalThe Lamaj Movement - AlbumProducer and engineerCandyRat
2010Sacred BalanceSelf TitledProducer


  • MusiCounts Fred Sherratt Award, 2014.
  • Schulich Scholarship for Academic Achievement, 2013.
  • Excellence in Sound Recording, John R E Bradley Prize, 2013.
  • Audio Engineering Society 133 Student Competition in San Francisco, Traditional Studio Recording Prize, 2012.
  • Excellence in Sound Recording, John R E Bradley Prize, 2012.

Mobile Recording and Live Sound

Pouya does live sound and multitrack recording of diverse concerts and events with a complete backup system. Contact Pouya for a quote.

Koerner Hall Recording

Koerner Hall Recording

Multitrack live recording

Multitrack live and session recording


Multitrack remote recording


AudioLens_2015_onlylogo_bigAudiolens is a multi-city (Toronto and Montreal) company that is about capturing and disseminating live musical performances with high quality studio sound and multi-camera videography. It started in fall of 2011 in Montreal. It was facilitated by having access to the great facilities at McGill and having the opportunity to work with inspiring artists in the city and beyond. Since then, it has expanded to multiple Canadian cities and provides various audio and video services.

The Stringer

Design and Construction of the Stringer: A Polyphonic Signal Switcher for 13-pin DIN MIDI Guitars
The Stringer is a polyphonic signal switcher for use with 13-pin DIN MIDI guitar pickups. Used as an intermediary between a guitar and a synthesizer pedal, the purpose of the device is to isolate a single string for monophony, such as bass note accompaniment. A height-and-depth-adjustable fulcrum bar supports the performer’s feet, and brings them closer to the foot switches, allowing for smoother and faster string switching. 
Location: New York, NY.
Publish Date: Oct 19, 2013
Journal Name: 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention

DPA 4099P Position Comparison

One afternoon I did a test of positioning my new DPA4099P microphones inside a Yamaha C7 to see what I prefer. Here are the results. 

Preamp Comparison

setupComparing 4 different preamps: Studio Technologies Mic-PreEminence, Presonus Firebox, Focusrite ISA 828, and Grace Design M801 (Rev C) - Link to audio files. 

Hidden Path – A Producer’s Tool


Hidden Path is a OSX software to assist the producers or engineers with the tools needed to have clear communication with the musicians and with the other audio production team members.

Momentary Switch Option for Totalmix’s Talkback


Momentary Switch Option for Totalmix's Talkback is a OSX software that makes it possible to use Momentary Switch on Totalmix RME software when using a MIDI controller and also change the MIDI note coming to the Talkback. 


Figure 1Sparks is a networked Max/MSP Composition for Laptop Orchestra. Available for download for free.